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Saturday, November 13, 2010

White-rumped shama chicks of 2010 season

Both of them is almost or just finish their first molt

Male 6 months old

Female, also around 6 months old

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Serama pic/clips

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Summary of the 2010 season

This season overall is a good year for me as I am able to have a pair of young chick that have the same or might be better than their parents in term of body shape and tail length.  Compare to my friends and everyone else who breeds white rumped shama in the world, my birds are just normal with not thing special but to me they are the best breeding stock I can have at the moment.  The best male I have had 8.5in in tail length at his 2nd year.  After this molting season, I hope he can attain 9in in tail length.  The best female has tail length at 5in.  I hope this pair will be the foundation for breeding longer tail shama.

I have lots of babies this year, but also lost quite a few babies starting around mid toward the end of season due to possible virus infected cricket stock that happened here in the US. 

I lost one baby male chick that have lots of potential due to predator (hawk).

I also lost the first female shama that produced 7 clutches of eggs two year in a row with lots of babies.  Her death is due to my carelessness and sudden cold temperature/ heavy rain right around when she began to molt. 

There are only two of the four chicks of the last clutch of the season survive until now.  It will be another month or so before they begin to enter molting process.

All my birds are nearly finish or just finish their molting cycle.  With the improvement in heat lamp inside each aviary and better protection from rain and predators, I hope next year I won't have any mishap like this year again.