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For Sale

Contact me at if you are looking for captive breeding white rumped shama. Thanks.


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  3. hi there,,

    is there any shama left for sale ,i like to buy the taimong, if you have it


  4. @Anonymous: Who are you? What country do you live?

  5. i'm in malaysia ,anuar,do you still have the taimong,,,


    p/s which side of your country are you from, just asking,if you;re in malaysia or in other country.

  6. Hi guys. One shama chick for sale. Less 1 mth old.
    Interested. Contact 97559990

  7. Hi friends. I got 1 shama chick for sale. (less than 1 mths old)
    Able to eat by it own). Interested let me know.

  8. hi there

    is this a singapore phone no or malaysia ,

  9. hello friends ..
    I am jacky from Indonesia ..
    I want to have a bird "White-rumped Shama (Copsychus malabaricus) Thailand", which has a very long tail, because in Indonesia does not have a very long tail birds such as in Thailand and Malaysia ...
    if you want to help me to get Copsychus malabaricus / White-rumped Shama /Murai Batu(indonesia) which has a long tail ..?
    but I was in Indonesia ...
    if you want to help me to buy it, I will feel happy ...
    I hope you can help me to get it, and reply to email this message "Jacx.MoeT @" ..
    I am very grateful if you could help me ..
    Greetings of friendship as a lover of birds from Indonesia ...

  10. Hi,

    My name is Scott, and would like to buy a male shama from you. Please call me at 714-396-0206.