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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finally I have shama baby(ies)

First clutch got abandon by the mother due to heavy traffic around the aviary during the first few days of incubation.  First egg of second clutch hatched today morning.  Hopefully there will be few more hatch in the next two days.  One other shama pair should have babies mid-week next week.  Yay, so happy!

Update:  04/22/11:  It seems that there is only one egg hatched in this clutch.  It's a sad thing but I'm still happy.  Maybe next clutch will be better, finger cross! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Audio of white-runped shama(s) sing in early morning :)

Below is the audio file (approx. 10min long) of shama birds sing their songs in early morning in my backyard.  This is what I have to endure every morning in Spring/Summer time beginning when the sun starts to rise :))  They sings almost non-stop for about an hour, and throughout the day.  Enjoys! :))