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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sad news: one baby shama die

One of the five baby shama died on Monday due to record heat of 104F or 40.5C for the last two days. This one is the smallest of those five which survive less than two day. The baby is barely 4cm long. The rest of the clutch is doing fine.

Update 04/23/09: Another baby found dead after I come home from work. This one is next to the weekest one which probably hatched on afternoon of Sunday 04/19/09. The clip shows the female discarded the dead one around 08:11AM. The first baby shama dead discarded by the male. My theory is because 5 eggs hatched in the spand of 3 days which enough size different between the first day hatch and the last day thus be older one is bigger and stronger sho they push or sit one the weeker one.

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