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Friday, May 8, 2009

Shama pair with 3rd clutch of 2009

Again, 5 days after the second clutch babies left the nest, the female starts to lay egg on 05/04/09. The femals also starts to incubate at night on her 2nd egg. First 3 eggs are laid everyday in the late morning; however, the 4th eggs are laid on 05/08/09 at very early in the morning (around 6:30AM). On this 3rd clutch, the female skips one day after the 3rd egg are laid and resume laying egg again on the 5th day. This maybe is the result of not enough calcium in her system? or with some other reason that I can't explain. Hopefully all the eggs will hatch.

This is the clip of possible the female in the process of laying eggs:

Update on 05/09/09: The female shama laid another eggs bring the total of eggs in this 3rd clutch to 5 eggs in 6 days.

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