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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Hwamei pair 2010 Breeding Season

The pair are introduced and live together since around Oct 2009.  They are eating together, preen each other feathers since the introduction.  Recently around last week of March 2010, they both start to carry on their beak nesting materials, jumping from branches to branches but seems to do not know what to do with those nesting materials.  The male calls with the sound like roo..roo...roo..roo constantly and beating his wings real fast.  The female sometimes answers the call of the male and starts finding nesting materials at the aviary floor and she also jumps from branches to branches to follow the male.
First week of April 2010, observed that they pick a nest site and start dropping few nesting materials into the nest; however, they have not seen to do any "fixing" of the nest site.
As of 04/11/2010: Looks like that they finish building the nest.  They begins to stop carrying nesting materials to the nest.  The male start to stand in front of the nest most of the time, but they still sleep at their usual spot at night (higher near the top of aviary while the nest is just about 2ft up from the floor).  The nest location is hard for me to see any egg inside yet.  Will patiently await to see if this pair can produce any chicks.


  1. That's a good new I wanna hear, Buddy. Is there any chance you can take a picture of their nest? Did they build it all by themselves or you provide a box for them to build their nest?
    All the best for this pair.

  2. I put the same nest type in hwamei aviary as for the shama with some coconut fibers at the bottom. Will try to take some pics, but since the nest is behind some trees, it's hard to see.