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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Recapture a spotted dove (Chinese laceneck dove)

I acquired a pair of spotted dove (Streptopelia chinensis chinensis) about 2 months ago from a good friend of mine and keep them in a wired cage 30in x 24in x24in.  I plan to build an aviary for them within this month with intention to breed them again in the Spring as I had successful of breeding spotted dove before.  Few days ago, while open a door to put in the seeds, one of the spotted dove sudden flew around and escape the cage.  As I watch the female spotted dove flew away, the male spotted dove starts to call.  I thought that I lost that female dove and have to find a replacement if I want to continue with the breeding project.  I put seeds on the feeding tray right outside of the cage just in case the dove decide to come back.  The male dove calls frequently during the two days his mate is missing.  Two days later, yesterday afternoon, I saw the female spotted dove eating on the feeding tray that I put outside the cage.  I wait and wait and I can see that the female dove did not want to fly away any more and just stay outside right in front of her mate's cage.   When the sun is completely down, the female dove stay on top of the cage and sleep there. About a hour after dark, I walk slowly toward the dove and using the net, I finally caught her.  It's a joyful moment for me :)  I wonder if the male happens to fly away in this case, does the male dove come back?

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