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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finally I have shama baby(ies)

First clutch got abandon by the mother due to heavy traffic around the aviary during the first few days of incubation.  First egg of second clutch hatched today morning.  Hopefully there will be few more hatch in the next two days.  One other shama pair should have babies mid-week next week.  Yay, so happy!

Update:  04/22/11:  It seems that there is only one egg hatched in this clutch.  It's a sad thing but I'm still happy.  Maybe next clutch will be better, finger cross! :)


  1. Aloha! I live in the hawaiian islands, four days ago I discovered a shama thrush nest with four eggs in it. I scared the female in the nest as the basket that she laid the eggs in is by my kitchen door. I am using the other door so as not to disturb her off the nest. How long does it take for the eggs to hatch and how long will they need the nest for? THank you for your help. I love the shama birds here. Their song is just lovely and changes from dry to wet season

  2. Hi Paula,
    Shama thrush incubates their eggs for about 11-12 days and another 11-12 days before the babies leave the nest. You are so lucky to have shama thrush to make a nest on your house. And yes, indeed, they have lovely songs.

  3. I'm in Waimanalo on Oahu. We've had shama thrushes in our yard for at least 10 years, and of course appreciate their song very much. I see them described as shy, but ours are not. When we do yard work, one will often follow us around, hoping for insects to be uncovered, and one has flown into our house a few times. I also see shamas in the woods behind Waimanalo Bay beach park.

    In case you haven't run across it, here is a web reference to a recording of their song: