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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It's been a while since I update this blog. Lots of thing change this year.
*Shama breeding project has to be put on hold for now with no end date in near future.
*O-shamo gamefowl breeding project also has to put on hold indefinitely.
*For the serama, I'm starting with new blood line from Jerry Schexnayder. He is the "father" of all serama in the US.
*New project: Another miniature fowl that I recently acquire is the pair of Ko-shamo. This will be an interesting project as these fowl are not widely keep in poultry community. Ko-shamo is somewhat ancient breed that hold true characteristic of what a gamefowl should be but in miniature form. In short, I love them! I took these pics of the pair right after they arrive to my place. They are very active, alert, look great, and show lots of potential to be a show worthy.


  1. I'm a big fan of your blog, especially regarding shama. Information you posted regarding breeding and keeping shama was so carefully detailed. I read your blog pretty much everyday. Good luck with your new project

  2. Thanks Hoang! I made this blog so that information regarding all aspect keeping if shama can be document and share with everyone else so we can all learn from each other's experiences. I'm glad that you find some useful information and gain knowlege for your own breeding project. Regards.