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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Update on longtailed mockingbird

10/27/09:  The bird is much calmer than before.  He took a bath in bird bath cage couple days ago.  Still no singing or making any sound yet.  Begins to eat Mazzuri pellets and parrots fruit sense pellets beside regular feed of mealworms daily.

After a week of keeping the bird, so far the bird is still nervous when I come near the cage.  If I stand about few steps away, he will calm down.  I give him mealworms, superworm, waxworm, cricket, cockroaches, earthworm, pellets, and grape fruit during this first week, but so far he only eat mealworms.  I also allow him to access to bath cage every other day, but he did not take the bath.  I heard from a person who has long experiences in bird keeping that mockingbird like apple, so I'll try to offer him apple this week to see if he will eat or not.  Hopefully he will adjust to the new life soon.

Here is some of the songs of this bird recorded in its native land:

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