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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Breeding Season of white-rumped shama is Over. Time for Molting

Last egg batch of the season did not yield any babies. No hatch due to unfertile eggs. He he, the male shama did a great job as a father of six batches. He's a father of total 14 babies and feeding them non-stop every batch; however, the female shama did a spectacular job as a mom. She laid like 30 eggs total this season and also care and feed all her babies very well. Most of my shama are currently molting or about to enter molting season. Feeding schedule with large quantity of insect such as cricket and cockroach (approx. 40 to 50 crickets per day) and supplies with multi-vitamin will be the main thing I concentrate on during molting season. Beside cricket and cockroach, I also feed them occasionally with earthworm, guppy fish, and small mealworm.
Within few weeks, I'll re-build all the aviary to be able to care for them little easier and move them to new location (facing East) with the hope that the aviary will be little cooler in the Summer and has morning sunlight instead of afternoon sunlight (facing West) as of current.

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