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Sunday, November 8, 2009

R.I.P the longtailed mockingbird

Don't really know why it died. I let the bird takes a bath early afternoon in the usual bamboo bath cage. After open the cage to allow the bird goes to the bath cage, I walk inside to do something else. Five minute later I came out and saw the bird laying down on the floor of the cage (not the bath cage) right at the entrance and could not move except what looks like it open the beak a few time to take some air or like something stuck inside the throad that it choked or could not breath. less than a minute since I saw what happens to the bird, it pass away. The bird is wet which it did take some bath but for unknown reason cause the bird died. I don't think the water is the cause even I use tap (city) untreat water because just few minutes earlier, I also give all my shamas the same tap water source for them to take a bath and none has any ill effect. The bird did take a bath a few times before, so I'm clueless of what happens. R.I.P!

(12/18/09) Note: I didn't want to update the picture of the dead bird back then, but what the heck... here it is:

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