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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Serama chicken as pets

This is the serama chicken, a smallest type of chicken in the world. He is approx. 14 months old. Weight is about 480gr which belongs to a class B category. Characteristic of the Serama is many but the main distinguish between Serama and other type of chicken beside the small size is the vertical wings and large chest with almost no back visible.  Because the Serama is very small and breed to be very friendly, it makes an excellent pets.  House the Serama can be small cage 24in x 12in x 12in for a single or a pair; of course, the bigger the better.  The one I have is no show quality but do pose a good characteristic of his type.  I'm in the process of finding him a mate. He is very docil and friendly. Whenever I'm at home, I let him roaming around the backyard. Due to small size, I won't let him roaming in the backyard all day unsupervised because of hawk or small raptor might catch him.


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