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Sunday, November 29, 2009

White crowned Robin Chat - Cossypha albicapilla

Below is the pair (according to the seller) of white crowned robin chat that I purchase at the Bird Mart in Pomona today. I wasn't plan to buy this pair since I know nothing about them (beside eating insect as other Cossypha genus), but with the decent price and little impulse, I decide to get them. This is the only pair of its kind in the Bird Mart. The male is the one with ugly tail. He lost one of the front toe nail on the right and his back toe on the left is defected in a way that it hard for him to curve the back toe nail to grab the branch. The female is perfect. Just wonder how good the song of this specie compare to the white rumped shama as not much info about this specie on the internet.

Just update on the Hwamei that finish his molt:

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