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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Initial Introduction of the White-rumped Shama pair

Just about the same time last year, on 02/17/2010 I start to introduce the last year breeding pair together. I hang the bamboo cage with the male H3N1 inside in front of the female's aviary (H2N1) so they can both see each other. I also remove the middle plywood to combine both small aviary to one big one (4ft x 4ft x 6ft) and put the nest in (two nest total for them to choose). On 02/19/2010, I open the bamboo cage to allow the male to able to go into the aviary with the female. Both birds are kept in separate aviary since last year but right next to each other so they get use to the sound of his/her neighbor and since they are mate pair last year, it's a breeze to re-introduce them this year. The male sings very soft, low song. Few minutes after open the bamboo cage's door, the female enters the bamboo cage to stand side by side with her mate. About half hour later, the male starts courting the female and choose the nest.

Here are some of the video clip that I recorded.