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Friday, February 5, 2010

Troupial - Icterus icterus

Troupial - Icterus icterus is a Venezuelan bird that belongs to "New World Orioles."  It has nice song and exhibits beautiful plumage color.  If you search on youtube, there are quite a few clips that hand tame troupial performs its song and dance.  Some can learn to whistle a song!  Compare to shama thrush's song, I guess Troupial didn't have lots of variety in a song but Troupial's song sounds is unique and more like flute like sound. 
I have eye on this bird for a while until now.  This is my newest addition to the flock, and I'm very excited to have this bird.  According to the owner, this Troupial is about a year old and dna test as a male.  He looks very healthy, jumping/flying around the aviary; however when I put him in the bamboo cage, I surprise that he is very calm and alert; still little nervous but not jumping around wildly.  Few hours after I left him alone in the bamboo cage, I offer him few roaches and he starts to eat right away but I have to stand back few feet away before he jumps down to eat.  After eating few insects, I be able to stick my camera right at the cage to take these two pictures below.  Because of the low light condition and I didn't want to turn the flash on that close to the cage, the color is not 100% accurate but pretty close to actual.  I'll take some more pics in daylight and update his progress as often as I could.


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