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Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a crazy day today: Windy, Rainy, Hail, and Rainbow!

The weather here lately is not co-operate with breeding white-rumped shama project.  This year is one of the most rain fall in a very long time.  There are also lots of strong wind blowing this rainy season.  Today we have strong wind up to 25mph early in the morning, rain with showers/thunderstorms almost whole day, and HAIL!  We haven't see hail for a very long time, probably at least 10 years since the last one.  So far the first introduced pair is fine but no sign of breeding yet (building nest, lay eggs).  The second introduced pair (H32N1 and H5N1) is staying together with no chasing around from the male.  Again, still no sign of breeding yet.  As for the pair that I really want to breed (H4N1 and H1N1), the male is ready to breed but the female seems not.  She is too scare of him everytime he flies near her.  I can see that he did not try to fight, bite, or doing in aggressive nature but she is still very nervous and would fly all over the aviary trying to hide from him.  I'll try to introduce this pair again in another week or when the temperature is warmer with lots of sunshine.




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