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Friday, May 28, 2010

6 Serama eggs are incubated by the hen

The Serama hen starts to incubate her eggs on the afternoon of May 8th.  Total of 7 eggs are laid; one got broken, so there are 6 left.  In the next few days, I'll attempt to candle those eggs to see if they are fertile or not.  I also have incubator setup to stand by just in case, but I'll let the hen does her work and let's nature take its course.  Hopefully three weeks later, I can see some beautiful chicks emerge!
Update: First attempt of candling the eggs today 05/13/2010 and first time ever doing it didn't yield any good result. I know there is only about 4 days after incubation so if there is any development in the eggs it would be hard to see. I did not see any thing inside the eggs. They looks just like those commercial chicken eggs that I can buy from supermarket.  Few days later, I candle those eggs again and they all are infertile or might be die at very early development.  I'll put the next batch of eggs into the incubator.


  1. All the females, which you have in your hand, lay eggs. No matter what.
    You are the man, my friend.
    Can you tell us the secret?

  2. Haha, I won't tell you my secret in a million years, lol, just joking!
    Seriously, I don't have any secret. Everything I do and products I use, I already post on this blog. In my personal opinion, I think by allow the bird to eat food (insects) as much as it can daily, and what inside the insect gut just right before feeding to the bird are the two most important factors that help my birds successful breeding and in good health. Beside those two things, supplement the bird with enough vitamins, minerals, provide stress free environment, and many other factors can also affect the condition of the bird.
    Don't give up! I'm sure you will successful in breeding shama soon.