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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Serama pet: First egg!

This hen lays egg is little late compare to normal serama hen.  She must be around 7 months of age before she lays her first egg.  I do plan to hatch few of the eggs just to see how the chick doing in term of color and form, but I won't keep hatching them in large quantity unless some of my friend want to have one.
The hen weights around 400grams or 14ounces which put her in class B per American Serama Standard.  The roo weights around 525grams or 18.5ounces which put him in just above class B and should be in class C per American Serama Standard.  Again, both of these bird is low quality bird and in term of the form, they are no where near the standard form which set by American Serama Council:
Ideal male:
Ideal female:

Update as of 05/08/2010: The hen laid total of 6 eggs.  One got broken, and the rest are start to incubate by the hen on the afternoon of 05/08/2010.

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