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Friday, May 7, 2010

Hwamei eats Papaya fruit?

There is not much information available about the Hwamei that eat fruits in both wild and in captivity.  I know that Hwamei loves to eat peanut, but not fruit.  I had tried to feed them orange, grape, strawberry, banana, and none of the fruit that I offered get eaten by the Hwamei.  Recently, with the keeping of Troupial pair, I start to feed them with papaya fruit and also throw a few small pieces of papaya for the Hwamei to eat.  The pair of Hwamei that live in the aviary did not eat the fruit, but the lone young male Hwamei in the bamboo cage eagerly eats it.  Here are some pics of this young male Hwamei eats papaya fruit.

(Please click on the pictures to see bigger pic)

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  1. Nice
    Does the tail open ( fan) when it starts singing?