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Monday, May 23, 2011

Intervention: Hand-rearing white-rumped shama chick

I noticed since yesterday afternoon that one of the young pair (both parents are less than one year old) stop feeding their chick (I know only one chick hatched on their first ever attempted to breed).  For the entire this morning, I observed that the male is more interest in trying to copulate with the female, while the female is not ready yet and she did not interest to fly to the nest any more.  Since early in the morning, there was only one waste deposit by the chick, this also indicated that the chick has not been feed for a while.  By late noon, early afternoon, the chick called almost non-stop and knowing it's hungry, I have no choice of enter the aviary and hand rearing the lone chick.  This chick is about 8 days and eyes are already open.  Hope I have enough time to take care it as working and family time might prevent me to take care of this chick properly.
As for the cause of why the parents are abandon their chick, I would assume that this is the first ever breeding for them and lack of experiences, and eagerness of the male trying to breed again are main contributed factor in this case.

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