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Friday, May 6, 2011

Tiny Serama egg

One of my Serama hen laid a tiny egg yesterday.  It would be interesting if this egg develop and hatch, but I doubt it will.  The other two eggs are normal size egg of Serama hen.


  1. I'm thinking of getting a pair from you, bud. save me some, My Niece will come over when she has a chance .

  2. No problem. I currently only have one chick just hatched few weeks ago (probably a male) and one other egg might hatch next week. I didn't incubate lot of eggs because I didn't want to have too much chicks :) Btw, there will be a Serama show on June 4th in San Diego. There will be some quality show Serama for sale there by other hobbyists. I'll post up info once I know more about it.