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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cold and Rainy Week

Starting the begining of the week, the weather suddenly changes to much colder than normal with raining. It rains almost all day on Monday. At night, the temperature drops down to 38.7F and temperature in the morning only comes up to upper 50s F. All the birds are ok but didn't active much on that rainy day. On Tuesday, event there is no more rain but the weather is still very cold with little windy. I change all the dried food as some has little water splash in during the rain which can cause molt in a very short time. I don't want the bird eat spoiled food which can cause sickness. Sickness during cold weather is one thing I don't want the bird get as its immunity is not as strong as in the warm weather. On Wednesday morning, there is lots of sunshine and temperature should be above 60F. All birds behave as normal and start singing. The Hwamei pair was also observed to take a bath.
For those who lives in temperate zone like Southern California, which the temperature in winter can go down to nearly 0C or 32F (only a few nights during the winter season. Average night time temperature in winter is about 46F), unless keeping the bird outside all summer long until winter in an aviary, it is better to bring the bird inside the house or at least keep them inside a patio. Because white-rupmed shama is a tropical bird, it needs time to adjust to the cold weather of temperate zone. If you live in colder climate which temperature in winter can goes below 32F or stay near 32F most of the time, then the bird needs to bring inside the house or have some kind of heating system to keep them warm. From my experience since last winter, white-rumped shama and other tropical birds can live comfortable outside aviary during the winter if the bird has long time to adjust to outside temperature (i.e, keep them outside all summer long until now) and temperature only goes down to 30s F for a few days during winter season with or without heating provided at night.

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