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Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 Hwamei Breeding Season Summary

I don't think I post this picture before in my blog.  Back in June 09 when I first acquired the female Hwamei, right after introducing her to the her mate she started to lay egg.  I don't know that the pair threw the egg out of the nest or she laid on the cage floor, but unfortunately all the egg (three of them) are found broken on the floor of the aviary.  Either way, none of the egg would survive since the eggshell is very thin and rubbery like.  I suspect the female didn't have enough calcium in her system due to poor care from the previous owner.  I have since provided regular calcium supplements to her and all other birds.  We will see the female will lay her eggs in the nest or not in this upcoming 2010 breeding season and also see if the pair will incubate the eggs or not.  From what I hear and read, breeding Hwamei is extremely hard due to the fact that most of the pair didn't incubate or throw eggs/babies out of the nest.  Just wonder because of the secret nature of Hwamei, insecurity in small aviary, or other factor(s) that could contribute to this problem.  Time will tell!

Currently, the pair Hwamei is doing great in their own small aviary with lots of plants both inside and around the aviary.  Few small finch (zebra finch) are also share the same aviary with the Hwamei.  Both of the Hwamei start to sing at dawn and again at dusk before going to sleep.  Plenty of different type of nest and various building materials also provided.  Will see how the pair behave in few more months when 2010 breeding season begin.

I believe this is the male Hwamei attemped to build the nest

One of the three eggs laid and broken on the aviary floor.

 The Hwamei pair: Male is on the left. (pictures were taken in June-July 09)

The Male Hwamei:

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