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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Incubator for shama bird, hwamei, and other songbird's eggs?

Have anyone ever try to use Incubator to incubate shama's or other songbird's eggs?  I personally haven't hear anyone try it before, but it doesn't mean it haven't happen already.  I know people who breed chicken, especially those with bantam type such as serama use incubator to incubate the eggs with high hatch rate with somewhere between 80-90% successful.  One thing of keeping and breeding shama and other songbird type such as Hwamei, Thrush, etc is that sometimes the female refuse to incubate her eggs and/or keep throwing eggs out of her nest batch after batch.  In this case, an incubator might be in good use if there is no other pair of the same kind of bird in the same period of breeding to use as surrogate parent for incubation and raising those eggs.  Assume that the incubator is successful to hatch most of the eggs, the next question is how to hand-rear the chicks from day one?  I hear that the successful rate of hand-rear shama chicks from day one to adult hood is very low; on the other hand, hand-rear shama chicks or other songbirds type from day 4-5 or later yield much higher successful rate up to 80-90%.  Planing out those scenario ahead of time and prepare what need to be done in case it happens can give those precious eggs a fighting chance to survive.

One of the most recommend Incubator from those who breed chicken, especially small type of chicken like serama is The Genesis Hova-Bator Incubator model 1588 (no automatic turner is needed, at least for serama chicken since hand turned gives higher hatched rate than using the automatic turner).

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