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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Are you ready for upcoming white-rumped shama breeding season?

White-rumped shama breeding season is about to begin in just a few more months.   Bird keepers like me are condition the birds right now with live foods, addition of multi-vitamin, calcium, and other supplements to prepare for upcoming breeding season.   Not only the birds get conditioning, but I also prepare necessary materials for the bird to build nest.  Are you ready for the upcoming breeding season?
First, you need to have a pair (male and female).  From what I hear, the male must be at least 2 years old to be successful fertile the eggs while the female can be as young as 8 months old.  While it is not advisable to breeding the bird at such a young age (lest than one year old); however, sometimes it must be done to increase its population in captivity and give the whole specie a fighting chance to survive in nature.  If there are more captive breed birds, then less wild birds get caught to supply the demand.
Second, during breeding season the bird will consume huge quantity of live foods.  Without enough supply of live food, the babies will die due to lack of food to feed.  We need to ensure that live food with appropriate size is available at all time.  Third, calcium, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, and other multi-vitamin will need to supply the bird, especially the female, during breeding season.  Calcium is needed by the female to produce eggshell, vitamin B complex is needed to aid the bird in the digestion of carbohydrates and proteins which in turn help the bird have enough energy to breed and feed the babies.  Vitamin E used in early breeding season to help bring the bird into sexual active.  Multi-vitamin is also used more than other time to ensure the birds are in good health while breeding and raising youngs.  Not only the parent bird get extra dose of vitamins, but the babies were also supplied with those vitamins and calcium via either dust/coat with live food or mix with water to help them grow up properly.  Last but not least, artificial nest and nest materials are needed so the bird can build a nest to lay eggs and raise babies.

Using normal parakeet nest without the top cover
Those vitamins that I use for breeding season


  1. Hi,,, I am saleh from Kuwait , I hop to have information about breeding off shams , I hop to now Haw I have baby for shams , thanks

  2. Sorry , when I but the male with the female he kale the female , thanks